Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby of the Year

This time of the year is tough... this time of year is when every talk show and local newspaper decides to run their "Baby of the Year" contest bull-shit. It's a lovely reminder of just how many babies made it in to this world alive while mine is in an urn on a shelf in my TV room... It just doesn't seem fair. I used to love that section of the paper when I was younger... I would read every name and look at every little baby face and smile. Now I want to set the newspaper on fire and shove it up the editor's ass for being so insensitive without even knowing he's being insensitive. Same for Regis and Kelly. I'm sick and tired of seeing all your stupid Tweets about your beautiful baby contest! Maybe I should send you a picture of my stillborn son so you can see what a beautiful baby really looks like!!! It's all just a frustrating reminder of what my family lives without every single day of our lives. If only the world realized that these little things that bring so much joy to most people (mostly the winners, the losers never feel that great) brings so much pain to Mommies like me who have to live without their beautiful babies... Not for anything they did wrong, just for having drawn the short straw in the game of life...


  1. Hey Girl! Its Crystal from IVillage..I created me a blog on here too because I have so much to say and I never have any where to write it. Come see mine sometime and I will stay in contact with you.
    I feel the same way. i get tired of everyone always flaunting their baby in my face I don't care if I had the "ugliest" baby (even though there is no such thing) I would be so happy just having a baby. I know we are going to make it to the end though.

  2. I feel the same exact way with the "Best Mom" or "Top Mom" blog awards, TV & Magazine contests. Because I AM a Mom but would never qualify.


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